Melbourne Cup 2010

Dear family and friends. Welcome to Melbournes largest event of the year. Which is also now a national holiday. The Melbourne Cup!

It’s not only a day. It’s 4 days with horse races in Flemington, dressed up people, winner, looser, fun, soaky and a lots of drinks. Main day is the “Emirates Melbourne Cup Day” which was this year at 02. November. In earlier years it was a normal day. Since whenever it’s a national holiday. Everyone would go there anyways.

When I arrived in Melbourne I hadn’t not really any interest to go there. But like I’m I change my mind about stuff like that as closer it comes. 5 days before the cup I decided to go there, instead of just watching the races in a pub or other public space with a big screen. In the end I’m very happy and the 58$ ticket was totally worth it.
We started the day at the “castle”, at some friends place, with a big champagne, scrambled eggs & bacon breakfast. Heading off with around 30 people and especially arriving together worked better out than I thought. Smuggling in alcohol in different and very creative ways was the biggest challenge for our preparation. “My mates” got everything in except for the “present”, a wine box wrapped as a gift.

Most interesting parts during the day were:

  • watching people getting drunk
  • watching people winning or loosing a race and a lot of money…
  • have a great, relaxed and uni-free day with friends
  • getting sunburn from 15min shining sun (it was a little game between the sun and the rain. Both wanted that we just have a normal Melbourne weather day)
  • watching the races, which was probably 10 minutes in the whole day of watching the horses running by and the rest of the day, waiting until the next race starts

My $5 bet on the horse Palomares at the race 6 went really good. Only that I wanted to be sure and bet on “place” and not on “win”. This means that I could have been also winning when my horse would have been at place 2 or 3. In this way I got less money back. So I got $9,25 back, a huge win of $4,25!

Yea.. I think that was all of the most important infos for this day. Have now fun in checking out the pictures:
Franklin - champagne breakfastFranklinHanna and SarahJasper's friendNico's friendMaike and SiljaNico and Pernille the present :)SaraArmandaMarina, Jenni, EvaNico and SilvanaMaikeSimon and Jasperon the way to the racesMarina and FranklinKarinFreddie, Armanda, JasperSimonmembers of the group 'The race that stops a nation' ...Flemingtonpicnic of random peopleKristian, PhilipJasper's friendSøren xx, Simon and FreddiemeMaike, Mael, Siljarunning to the startrunning to the startraceLogan checks the horsesSaraSøren LoneEva and meFranklin, Nico and xxxxNicomelbourne skylineKristianPauleDSC_3479_01DSC_3485_01DSC_3487_01DSC_3493_01my betNico, me, FranklinMaelairplane!Kathi PhilipKristian, AndreasNico, SiljaJasperFascinatordirty shoes

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