Short trip to Toulouse (France)

Toulouse is a sweet little and green city not far from Spain’s border and Mediterranean Sea. My visit was planned long time ago. Me and two friends were catching up with a friend of ours. He stayed for a one year exchange program at our french partner university ESAV, a school for film freaks. Some of you may remember my movie for a scholarship application, he was the awesome person who helped me out with the conceptional and technical filming stuff. However, french people still don’t want to talk in English. So it was on some parts difficult to communicate to bus drivers, in H&M, in restaurants… Luckily our friend was there most of the time.

The bottom line: I do like Toulouse and I hope I can visit the city again, when my friend will maybe live there again. Now, take a tour through some of my photos… (yea, I din’t take a lot. We were more shopping, talking, eating, drinking then anything else 😉 )

airportcitycitycityexplanation of street namesskinny traffic light manBasilica of St. Serninstreet art24hr clock@ ESAV@ ESAV@ ESAV

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