ipad gets useful..

After the launch of the iPad I was really sceptical of its usefulness. Advantages to show my friends and family pictures, surfing or watching videos without carrying a heavy laptop were not completely arguments for me to buy one. Over my time here in Australia my opionion changed. I saw how people can use the iPad in flexible ways. At the airport for service staff, reading books/lecture notes in the tram or at a meeting in a café it can be helpful.

But now there is one more really cool app which makes the iPad more valueable. An app for transferring pictures from your camera directly to the iPad right away. Okay, actually it would be too much for me, right know. Because I’m not that professional (yet 😉 ). But still.. it is a nice tool for a lot of people out there… I will open my eyes for more useful apps and maybe one day…

Have a look how it works:

via http://blog.wanken.com

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